Mobility is a systemic thing.

The more mobile our bodies are, the more mobile our brain and thinking is.

Mobility gives you options and vision.  It gives you the time you need to respond and adapt to ever changing moments.

The further we are away from nature, from understanding ourselves, the further we get away from our maximum range of motion.  The more sedentary we are, the more difficult it is to expand your thoughts and beliefs.

Coaching is an ever evolving profession.  I think all professions should be this way…..from bagging groceries to being a CEO-  if we aren’t expanding, we should go and find something different to do.  We must be in search of all the places we are lacking in our movement in our lives….whether that be via bio-mechanics, learning, thinking patterns, or daily life activities.

To move your body differently, you have to attack your dysfunctional movement… think differently you have to attack your dysfunctional thinking.  There is no other way to grow other than through discomfort and difficulty.

Get mobile, #boxon!



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