As a kid in the Colorado mountains, I loved running around the fields, in the woods- anywhere outside.  I’d come in at dusk after a long day of play, clothes drenched in tree sap, with dirty hands and face.

I talked to the squirrels, birds, trees and pinecones.  I’d gather up injured animals and take them to the local vet.  I was immersed in my world and it was me.  There wasn’t a separation from me to nature.  I was connected to all people, the lakes and every sound that could be heard for miles

These windows at the gym connect me to the outside.  I peer out them at each person that passes by daily.  I’m still connected.  Boxing allows me to express my feral side in a civilized manner as an adult.  #coachesdowntime connects me to where I came from.  Barefoot in Volunteer park or by the chapel at Seattle University…..I remember how alive I feel being able to express my physicality connected to nature.

Boxing gives me the same feeling inside the gym.  Coaching taps into my connection with others.  It’s been a sweet 5 years.


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