Giving Space

Giving space is an active state.

A boxer stays out of range- relaxed but actively engaged so they can change directions, speeds, recover, whatever they need……They see everything across the gap.  The slouch of shoulders or the aggressive intent and all between……they have time to see everything that is coming across the space towards them…..
A boxer uses this active state as a way to eventually get in.

Giving space isn’t always removing oneself from situations entirely.

A boxer must learn to fight on the inside and have room.  Room for the other’s actions and room for theirs.  They must stay relaxed, poised, at the ready.  Microcosm movements are read in fractions of seconds, resulting in clean or missed punches.  A boxer has to be able to not fill the gap with useless movements that cover up the discomfort inside.

Giving space is the ability to know oneself in the instant in order to have intentful and efficient movement.  We feel all our impulses, the ones that take over and the ones that we can redirect.  It’s almost as if what we are doing is happening right in front of us giving us time to make better decisions.  Giving space is this vacuum that you enjoy and want to flee all at the same time.  Relaxation and terror competing for the final say.

Giving space is an action.





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