The gap

It’s not that you always want to be in the gap, it’s that it’s the hardest place to stay calm…..It’s why we practice so much on getting more aware of how we get to, move in, stay or flee the gap.

Small steps, gestures of fakery, rhythm, timing, aggression, and so many other skills need to be intrinsic when under duress.

The gap is about listening.  You can feel your tension and theirs simultaneously……you feel where you are confident and all the while you are acutely aware of what isn’t connected……The missing links are what tug at you deepening your doubts.  It’s in this place that curiosity and enthusiasm must override any desire to succumb to what you don’t possess.

Coaches strive to listen……they listen to themselves and others.  The learning is in the discovery of what one is teaching.  We don’t really teach…..leaders lead…lead by example…are real in their experiences and actions.  When we fail, we model responsibility and excitement for our next opportunity……we take responsibility for our place in the ring.


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