Timing and rhythm

Boxing is so much more than hitting.  In fact, to only focus on hitting is a detriment.

Their is a space between fighters where all the answers of attack and defense are found.  If we are quiet enough to feel our apprehension and how it affects our body, we will know how to fill that space.

The person before you is attempting to assert their will and you are determined to do the same.  How do you accomplish this through waiting, trying to land the perfect punch, seeing what they do first, and thinking?

You don’t.

You must risk in the right measure to be first and control the rhythm.  You must assert yourself through the gap with certainty.  You must be brave and afraid all at the same time in a manner that allows for movement without thought.

Your movements have to be without plan and only based upon your senses—movements the body knows because you have access to every bit of muscle, fascia and bone……movements that allow you to access all your leverage.

Until you reach that point, then I think training must address all of that inability.  Your movements must occur with efficiency giving you the ability to transition without loss of connection.  Until then, then training must address where you are lacking.

Boxing is about the pursuit of leverage….it’s an interesting task to take on and it’s so cerebral that there isn’t a moment of boredom.





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