There are some days that discomfort is immense.  Walking around wanting out of this skin, wanting to be anywhere but right here facing every dysfunction we have in our life.  There are some days where the timing is off.  Every activity is short or longer in exponential minutes.  Sit in the pocket as often and long as you happen.  Sit there growing space between you and the stimuli.  The vortex of sound, clear as the train blaring in the night……the slow-motion scene unfolding in front of your eyes as if watching a perfectly concocted by a movie director.  Let all that happen.

Our answers sit in that pocket, revealing themselves in milliseconds of potential action.  Feel every single pull of fight-flight and freeze and stay right wind blowing so fierce you want to close your eyes.

A couple of years ago I did a 30 day experiment.  I had to train 30 consecutive days no matter what……absolutely no excuse, no circumstance could alter training every day.  The 30 days was going to be my constant….the place my measurements would be produced.  Each day I trained I logged how I felt before and after training…..

I learned to connect my mind and body to gain awareness rather than live in an enculturated state making decisions based on the external.  I learned what was true fatigue versus a lack of desire to deal with disquiet.  I learned to train for something in me and not for the visage.

Being uncomfortable is a skill-  one that boxer’s have to hone and perfect.  One that people should be compelled to improve in daily life.


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