Intentful speaking is extremely important to me.  I am constantly listening to my word choices and evaluating if what I’m saying is what I mean.  And if not, why?

Last year I heard myself saying “I’ll let you do that” to folks and I heard others say it to me.  I started thinking of the implications……To let someone do something is to say you have the power….you are giving them permission……allowing…..

So, was that really the case in each instance I used the phrase?  Or was it my way of passively and subliminally controlling the situation?

It may not seem like much but our words reveal our subconscious thoughts and intentions……..

Lately I’m paying attention to the use of any phrase that starts with “I”

There’s nothing wrong with using “I”, It’s that I want to know if I’m intending to put the focus on myself or am I intending for the focus to be on the person I am speaking to.

When coaching, these subtleties matter.  Our word choices matter.  Being aware of our thoughts, our body language and choices really matter.

My job as a coach and as a business owner is to do the work myself first.  To learn, to lead by example….to fail, succeed, and stay curious.  It’s my role to bring about awareness and give others the opportunity to see clearly their intent.

Boxing is a very intentful sport….I want to honor it when I’m not in the ring.  I want each coach at our gym to honor the honesty of the sport.  We all pay attention to our human tendencies.  The need for attention, control, belonging, etc…..All those needs influence our interactions.  They influence the stories we tell and the way we tell them.  If we aren’t aware, we can create a very ego driven facade that doesn’t reveal truth until a moment of radical exposure.

When you get in the ring, you will be immediately exposed…..In life, it’s a little more subtle and it takes a little longer to have to face the mirror.

One thing I can assure you is that Arcaro will continue to strive to be a community leader in understanding, whether it be through, verbal skills, thoughts, body mechanics….whatever…..

We will operate purposefully and that is through all realms of being human.


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