When I was a junior in high school I had a basketball coach who told me the reason I couldn’t move laterally was because I weighed too much.  He then told my dad to enlist me in a diet program to lose weight.  Needless to say I was mortified.  I wasn’t confident at the time, or I might have told him to f**k off.  I instead believed both of them and started on my course at Diet Center.

I carried with me for years that I couldn’t move laterally…..Their perception became my reality.  Perception is powerful.

Perception affects our vision, our emotions, our beliefs, our reality.  The best combatant to askew perception?


What none of us knew back then was how my being quad and calf dominant inhibited my ability to propel myself laterally.  I was unable to rotate in my torso and I was locked into mostly forward motions.  I never drove down the baseline, squared up and hit jumpers…..I couldn’t stop my momentum, and post up without inefficiency.  I was mostly a passer or a shooter from the outside when already planted well.  My defense was terrible and I was often pulled out of games that were close because we needed to shut down a shooter.

When your body is a tensegrity unit, you understand exactly where you are in space.  You have an accurate proprioception and can change directions seamlessly.  For example, Barry Sanders!  Watch how connected he is when he moves and changes directions.  When you are connected inside your body, confidence is incredible.  You know what you can do and you feel accurate, clean and efficient in your movements.

I am now beginning to move laterally without the “heavy” feeling in my hips and legs.  Functional Patterns works to build tensegrity in the body.

Come train with us, learn how it feels to use your natural sling systems when you punch and move!  I guarantee you will want to continue to…….









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