Truth in the ropes

In the ring is where only the truth is told.  There isn’t room for in between.  Only direct engagement allowed.  You aren’t too bold, brash or honest-  Little silent moments as fists exchange, revealing what is in between the lines.  Your fears and the overcoming of them witnessed by a vicarious audience judging you for what they do not wish to face.

I love the canvas, the smooth connection underneath unsteady feet- reminding us how easy it is to succumb and hide if we aren’t willing to risk.  We must use our advantages to dismantle another and ultimately dismantle ourselves.

The truth is my favorite place to live because of it’s simplicity.  It’s forgiveness and ability to change if honored consistently.  The truth gives us freedom from imaginary binds oozing our inauthenticity.

In the ring, we learn to love the weakness because it shows us how to sturdily stand in the face of all that is incoming.  The lessons are many and they burrow in deep making neurological changes in our bodies that last.  The truth, the ring, a beautiful fight.


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