To truly hold oneself accountable is a major task.

I see a million places I let myself off the hook.  Where I’m so lazy and not wanting to do the work.

Accountability is being brutally honest-  It’s having standards beyond the standards you think you have.  Accountability is grabbing yourself by the shirt collar, looking yourself in the eyes and asking if what you are doing is honest and true.

I notice as I work with clients 1:1 all the places I want to take a break.  I was a little irritated with myself as I realized all the “fillers” I use to rest, to disengage.  I might put someone on the speed bag, or have them jump rope-  or a whole host of exercises where I  don’t pay attention to their form or engage with them.

So today, I held myself accountable to a new degree-  I realized I was going to send a client off to do something without meaning to me at the time and I stopped, made myself stay present and not take that rest.

They pay good money to work with me, they expect results and the only way we will get them is if both of us are engaged for the entire time we train.

Accountability is being annoyed with one’s output and making a change.



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2 Responses to Accountability

  1. Ramona Ramadas says:

    I have been using a strategy for scenarios (usually meetings) where there is a risk of me being too passive. Before that situation, I think about what I want to get out of the conversation, and what I want to offer the other party. If I can’t come up with a good answer to both, then I don’t have a right to make the ask (of their time, resources, etc.). This technique has shifted my work and allowed me to make a lot of progress on my projects. It’s a very activated way to work but I have to force myself not to slide back into bad habits (meeting – yay – email catch up time!…). FWIW.

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