1989-  Nursing home work-  Wheatridge, Colorado.

Typical 3pm-11pm shift-  Fluorescent bulbs evenly lighting each floor tile as I head into the routine of baths, dinner and bed.  I’m surrounded by greatness not remembered.  Interment camp survivors, an interpreter from the Nuremberg trials, plus a host of other folks 60+ in years who have plenty of tales to tell.

It is here that I begin to realize the past is truly the past.  What you have done isn’t remembered as you hope.  I mean, c’mon,  a translator during the trials of folks who committed horrendous acts in civilization and here he is being forgotten with a stroke and unable to speak.  It seemed a cruel joke, but now, it is motivation to make each moment count.

It’s simple in boxing.  You live 3 minutes at a time….each punch jolting you present and no time to lament about what previously happened.  No time to celebrate your sweet move.  There is here and now……

Of course you take in patterns and those help you as you maneuver through the round, but those are fleeting and passing moments.

Nurse aid work taught me how nothing and everything matters at the same time and boxing continues to reiterate this lesson.



About arcaroboxinggym

Boxed amateur and pro. Love guiding people in the ring and life.
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