In our current culture, we are connected to stuff.  We are consumers from morning til night.  We are closest to our things- our monetary or status pursuits.  We are most aligned with our hopes, desires, and things we think will determine our success.  We get fixated on what others are supposedly accomplishing and how we do or don’t compare.

We click buttons for instant feedback and gratification.  Everywhere it is easy and quick to have objects in our grasp with little effort.  There is much emptiness amassing inside one another.

Humans need interaction-  face to face interaction.  We need packs/groups to belong and have purpose.  Technology should make this more possible and instead we are getting intellectually, emotionally and physically lazy- more separated and disintegrated.

A boxing gym serves its community.  It gives a place for people to connect on a visceral and intellectual level.  You must show up and engage, you cannot hide behind a screen……You must take active responsibility for the punches you deliver and the ones you receive.  The boxing gym also forces coaches to face their fraudulence so that we can hold the space for the members to face their fraudulence.  We are all fraudulent………and we are all honest.  It is the in between where we meet so we can strengthen our neutral and be more of ourselves at the end ranges.

The coaches search for their own most efficient leverage…….so we can show you the way to find yours.  We address the dysfunctions in our own mechanics so we can address your mechanics and allow your mind to be clearer.  A clearer body allows you to operate as a tensegrity structure.  We want you to be your most efficient and leveraged self in all facets of your life.  We want you to connect and be connected.





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