Evening thoughts across the bridge

Sometimes blogs seem elusive and other times about 3 or 4 blogs run through me so rapid fire that I can’t capture a single word.

Tonight I was driving home across the West Seattle Bridge…..looking at the crimson sky as the sun began to disappear.  The water on the Duwamish was so still, ready to sleep.  But, not me- I’m up, thinking….trying to shake off the heat wave of the past few days.

Coach Omar is off at a family reunion and coach Jen is also visiting family while the rest of us hold down the fort.  I’ve decided to dive in and take a bunch of classes on that I used to teach and long ago relinquished.

I’ve been coaching a long time and somehow, boxing never grows old.  It’s always about the people, about expression.  It’s always about whatever is right in front of you.  I like that….it’s easy, it’s simple and complex.

The coaching staff here is phenomenal.  We all have our own views of the fundamentals- of footwork, punching and defense.  They are all spot on views…..all individual expressions of our experiences in life and the ring.  And best of all, we get to share our views with each other and you.

Boxing is this intricate series of movements intertwined with an other.  It’s a lot like a Thelonious Monk song or a Kerouac prose.  A constant shuffle of movement, a change in direction….boxing is being on your toes, ever ready for the next moment while fully embracing the present.

Boxing is tensegrity- a complete connection of each bone, ligament and muscle.

Boxing just is……..





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