Worked all weekend

It was a good weekend overall and there’s still a little bit left.

Saturday, Cassidy, Jen and I went over to The Boxing Gym Westside and did an introduction to Functional Patterns training course and talked about the importance of structure in boxing.  We taught some myofascial release techniques and went over the standing bridge and plank as taught by FP.  It was a hot, sweaty and productive 1 1/2 hours.

We then headed over to the weigh-ins at Evergreen High School and then proceeded to kill time until the fights.  The card is always organized and coaches Tony and Keith of White Center PAL always put forth an amazing effort to ensure all the matches are of good quality and run smoothly.  Cassidy came up with a loss and a whole lot more confidence.  She learned the art of letting go of the stress of performance and found a different kind of calm in the ring.

Sunday, Jen and I did an interactive presentation at the Women’s Movement Collaborative   on Conflict:  a positive endeavor.  We mixed discussion about conflict with boxing skills and it was a fun and engaging experience.

I have a love/hate relationship with conflict.  I know it’s good for me, I know that I always learn and grow, but it rarely feels that good to me.  My ability to stay uncomfortable and calm needs a lot of improvement.

In the ring, I love conflict.  Punching feels honest.  You both are agreeing to exploit each other’s weaknesses for the betterment of one another.  But in person, it’s a little harder to remember that you are usually on the same side/team as the other and if you both can allow your weaknesses and defenses to be exposed, so much more awaits.

In the ring, you don’t tend to blame the other person for hitting you.  You are more likely to welcome it because it will help you to avoid it in the future.  You will learn more effective techniques for protection.  In person, when the other metaphorically hits you, the hurt and anger become primary over the calm and listening.

Boxing training and coaching has reduced my poor performances in conflict, but I have a long ways to go before I feel like I’m even a decent novice.  So, for now, I’ll appreciate my ability to stay calm in the ring and use it as my litmus for life.



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