When I was a kid, I felt depressed a lot…….I was angry and a brooder.  I really focused on what I didn’t have, what I wasn’t, what I imagined I could not be.  I liked to hide out in my room, pout and listen to music or read.  I compared myself to others…..imagined they had it easy while I suffered and felt lacking constantly.  In contrast, I felt alive playing sports and being out in the woods……I saw there was something else when I did these activities.

This is not a post on positive thought or talk….it’s a post about reality.  It’s a post about how you alone control your perspective your destiny and outcomes.

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.
John Milton, Paradise Lost

Hardship is what makes us.  I’m thankful for any and all hardships that I inherit and create in my life.  Difficulty, loss, deprivation, want and need are all aspects of living-  they are realities in nature.  Let down is common and real.  All these moments provide you tools to deal with all kinds of terrain.  You learn balance from the seemingly unstable aspects of your existence.  When you go through and come out the other side of these encounters, confidence is built and maintained

Boxing provides me with the physicalization of hardship stories I carry.  It allows  me to express my emotions.  Boxing and coaching gives credence to my struggles. Being a coach and business owner forces me to keep moving to use each and every moment to learn, grow and get to the next encounter.  Being a business owner forces me to change

Our customs, behaviors and values are byproducts of our culture.

No one is born with greed, prejudice, bigotry patriotism and hatred;  these are all learned behavior patterns.

If the environment is unaltered, similar behavior will occur.

Jacque Fresco-  The Venus Project

 my environment over and over.  This chosen career makes me face every deficient skill just as much as boxing did.  If I don’t change my environment inside and out side of me then I have no hope of making change.  

If you have an exit strategy, it’s not a passion-  Marc Cuban

I’m in this for the long haul.  Coaching is who I am and a part of my lived experience.  I am passionate about self awareness, increased efficacy, responsibility, community, autonomy and for helping others to have opportunity above and beyond what I have had……….There is no exit plan…..just living this life.




About arcaroboxinggym

Boxed amateur and pro. Love guiding people in the ring and life.
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