Words are pictures out loud.

A coach communicates from the pictures she sees.  She describes the artistry she wants in motion.  Each instruction is expressed with intricate terms put together in sentences and paragraphs.  The verbiage is shared with a specific desire…..a succinct desired outcome.

As I grow older in human and coaching years, I am clearer in my word selection.  I more often than not mean exactly what I say.  My intent and vocabulary are lining up.  My listening is catching the subtleties of other’s communication.  I can hear when things are amiss…..when intent and action don’t line up.  I can hear my own errors in syntax and definition, my inauthenticity.  I see what my words beget and often go back to the drawing board.

It’s like that in the ring.  If your mind is clouded with extraneous thoughts, your movements follow suit.  You express exactly what you feel and think whether you like it or not.

We spend much of our lives fighting what we imagine and feel as well as who we are.  What a waste of valuable, precious time.  With no guarantee on the amount of days you have on this earth, why make yourself the most formidable opponent?

I tell all my fighters that it’s ok to be nervous, even scared.  I was terrified before my fights.  I walked up to the ring wondering why and what I was doing every time and then the bell rang, I got hit and woke up swinging.  It was empowering to feel something and keep moving……..to feel frozen and set my body into motion.  I earned each minute of each round in training and competition and I faced myself over and over again.  When you feel and acknowledge and proceed, power ensues.  An inner autonomy takes over you guiding all future decisions.

Boxing is a beautiful test and it gives you life skills that will never leave.







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