There’s a lil sumpin goin on round here

There’s something really special going on around here.  The coaching staff is a beautiful blend of all aspects of life.  We come from a multitude of experiences in and out of the ring and we bring that knowledge to you.  We are invested in community development inside and outside the gym.

One motto we live by is that we do things ourselves first before we ask you to.  If we don’t know what it’s like, we don’t feel qualified or like we have the right to guide you.

All the coaches have ring experience.  We know what it’s like to fail and succeed and keep going.  We use our ring experience to teach us how we maneuver in life and we share that with you.

This is a learning gym.  We are constantly evolving and learning.  We experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.  We listen and listen some more.  The coaches put in the effort to help you decompartmentalize so that you can integrate your mind and body in all activities you do…….this work helps you to be ring ready in actuality and metaphorically.

We are committed to helping you #BoxOn!




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Boxing gym for recreational and competitive boxers. Community minded and locally inspired. Seattle Small Business Supporter
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