Guest Blog: Actions on Procrastination

Lately a lot of what I’ve been thinking about or more so questioning is why I’m still aware of certain things, yet in some other areas I’m still not taking action. Procrastination. When I put my mind to do something I like to focus on “just doing” in whatever it is I’m working on. But I’ve caught myself falling into the pattern of saying I could get itdone later or tomorrow and it becoming tomorrow.

Now that I caught this pattern for myself I have decided to take action and instead of putting stuff off or agreeing to “yes I can get that done today” (when I already have other tasks in mind that also need to be done today), just being honest with myself and others by being direct as much as possible. Letting them know that as soon as I’ve accomplished “X” I’ll be right on it and rough estimate, this will allow me to still have a deadline and not put more on my plate than I can handle.  That may sound cliché and annoying to hear, I’m not gonna lie but I’d say its our culture – to feel the need to do more than we can possibly handle and help others before helping ourselves or our awareness.

In boxing we fall into the same trap, we want to be like Muhammad Ali, Tyson, or Duran, yet not willing to take the full time to put in the work. We’re not willing to put in the time and effort so we concern ourselves with the stress of not being “as good” or saying you’ll never achieve the same capability.

Instead, be patient and take a step by step route on this journey of boxing learning. It’s called experience, the more of it we have the smoother it gets and the more you can add on to your plate during your workout. Otherwise your body will show your ego and your illusion of the boxer you are will be strongly tested.

So, I will take a step by step route now in my agreements to tasks until I have my time management down and know how much I can and want to accomplish during a day.

“With time, only actions will determine who we are.”

– The Boxing Connoisseur

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