Life of ambition

Complacency feels like death to me.

The definition is:  self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies–an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction

When I was in management at UPS, I think I was the most complacent in my life ever.   I also compartmentalized myself.  I was Tricia at UPS, Tricia at home, Tricia in public, Tricia at the gym.  Different Tricia’s for different scenarios.  I had so many versions of myself that I couldn’t really keep track.  I worked hard and did well there, but nothing else really existed for me.

I would work 12-17 hours a day, go home, do some chores, start drinking, watch t.v. and go into my evening.  After a year of this, I was grossly unfit, not only was my physicality a hot mess. My brain was functioned minimally and I lived under a high amount of job stress just dumping fight/flight and freeze into me daily.  As I went into my evening night after night, I became accustomed to a fairly meaningless existence.  It was easy, un-provoking and consistent.

As humans, we almost always opt for the easiest way out….we will choose to be lazy over putting in extra work.  We no longer live to live.  We hit our limitations and think they are set and solid…..insurmountable.  We live for things in the future or we live to get away from our past and somehow the here and now is forgotten.  We dream but don’t do and blame circumstance for our circumstance.  We live for the comfort of the usual and expected.

In the ring, you have no choice to be anything but present.  If you are looking for particular punches, they won’t be there.  You have to go in and see what opportunity is there.  You must be prepared to deliver any punch from any angle at any time.  Once you realize the patterns of your opponent, you might plan ahead a bit to set up more opportunities but you are still living in the moment.

You have to be adaptable to react to what’s working and what’s not working.  Andy Basich – Life Below Zero

You must be able to observe yourself while experiencing your moments.  You must be able to feel and recall the feelings of your experience.  Each moment must be physically connected and engaged so that the full picture can be actualized.  Our minds and our bodies work together for each movement done with strict intention.  It is in this place, this kind of living that we banish complacency.
There is always room for improvement in any lifestyle…mine happens to be such that I must rely on myself in the end…When I’m the only one in the winter I count on to get my chores done…you know the only ass that get’s kicked for not completing the job is my own.  Sue Aikens- Life Below Zero
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