Still stuck on Life Below Zero

Subsistence living folks measure wealth by being able to provide and being able to share.  It’s a simple and necessary part of surviving harsh conditions.

We in the city, we are a little soft.  Needing so many comforts that we have completely disconnected from where we came.  Measuring wealth by what we maintain and continue to achieve.  It’s a lot more about us vs. them.  We have completely swallowed the binary thinking way of life leaving little room for grey….and leaving a lot of room for constant wanting.

Boxing may have a red and a blue corner…but those are only places from which to emerge.  Boxing is all about the infinite possibilities in between the red and the blue.  For red and blue never truly exist except in moments of rest and reprieve from the battle.  The grey area, a blank slate to engage with an agreed upon foe…. A mate who agrees to go to the depths with you so you can see what’s your make-up….. A comrade who will take you places you can’t get to alone.  There is no room for binary, limiting thoughts, just pure response in multiple forms built up over months of training.

Boxing is about sharing one’s vulnerability, her might, her failures, her doubts, trepidation’s, curiosities and countless more feelings.  It is done in the gym and on stage in front of others to witness the vicarious expressions unfold.  Boxing is about sharing, about allowing expression to exist in us all.  The boxer is the vehicle in which we all take the ride-  that is truly a great gift.  At least in this city life.






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