Saturday morning

I’ve got a playlist on, putzing around getting some initial chores done before headed to the gym.  I’m thinking of what skills I want to work on today.  Ultimately we want each and every person so confident in their punch that they know that they could “sit” someone down if they wanted.

We aren’t just invested in this in our competitive fighters.  We want it for everyone. The kind of discipline, self-awareness, body-mechanic implementation it takes is something every person should have the opportunity to experience.  The body-  completely connected to itself and the ground is definitely something everyone should at least get a taste of…..because once you do, it is motivating….

This feeling of muscle, sinew and bone working together is self-mastery.  Self-mastery is the highest form of accountability and necessary to be able to interact, box, coach, whatever you do……it is necessary for you to be able to honestly communicate…to be direct.

Come to the gym, keep working on your skills, get in the best fitness level of your life and be a part of a dynamic community if you aren’t already!


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