One of my favorite shows is Life Below Zero.  It follows several folks as they demonstrate their method of subsistence living in different areas of Alaska.  They live, not survive and are fully engulfed in their day to day activities.

I like to imagine my capability or lack of it were I in the same situation.  Most of them are self taught, or sought out people to teach them and most of them are about learning as you go.  My favorites on the show are a young guy Erik who loves the land, the animals and everything about his existence.  He’s matter of fact, respectful, resourceful, and determined.  A young guy with a wise outlook.  And the couple Agnes and Chip.  They have a community mentality with wealth being their state of mind and providing with and for others.

I always see parallels to boxing in this show and then I’m able to bring it back to city life.

Excessive Comfort is detrimental to one’s character
-Erik Saltine

I wholeheartedly agree and I keep pushing myself to experience discomfort.  It is amazing though, how often I fail, and how many times I will choose the easy way, the more comfortable way– Even though it eventually leads to discomfort anyway.  I wouldn’t be 1/2 of the person I am today without all the discomfort I’ve experienced in life.  I’m not certain why I still find myself trying to avoid it, but ultimately my goal is to dive in without as much trepidation 100%.

I’m everything but a formula
-Ely Guerra

Frida Kahlo is a person who intrigues me.  She used her suffering in her art for expression and release.  Boxing serves this purpose for me.  Frida was a person who wasn’t afraid to show all sides of herself publicly.  She was there for others to identify with and to be an example of living life in all it’s facets.

As a coach, I work to be seen as a human.  I’m in this with everyone.  I use my experience  to guide others and I use others’ experience to guide me.  I’m getting more and more comfortable with the hidden parts of me that need to be exposed.  I’m getting more settled in with seeing how cool it is to discover what is behind my actions and decisions.  It’s exciting to understand how ridiculous I am and how much in my own way I can be.  I often laugh at my stupidity and feel motivated to be more aware.

Boxing is completely about discomfort and it is the perfect reflection.  It exposes are defensiveness, our willingness, our fears, insecurities, strengths……it just exposes.

When you work on things in the ring, it shows in life and vice versa.

So in the spirit of Erik and Frida, develop your character by moving into more discomfort!



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