I’ve been in boxing since 2002.  I grudgingly entered the coaching world around 2004 or 2005 because I was fixated on being a competitor.  I didn’t want to let go yet so I had both toes in the competitive water and one hand thinking about reaching for the shore.

I’ve listened to every possible comment you can imagine about being female in boxing ….probably over a million times each and that’s not including all the comments just simply growing up in the 70’s and 80’s as a female with a midwest influence.

The gym is rapidly approaching 5 years.  I have worked diligently to simply be good at what I do.  To cut the crap out of my life that I created out of not taking responsibility for myself.  I have worked hard to be a gym owner, not a female gym owner.  I take pride that I am female that I may inspire someone else to have possibility but it is not my label to wear.

My motives shouldn’t be to change people’s minds…….My job is to be the best that I can be and if that changes your mind then great, but I cant be consumed with how you feel about me.

Becky Hammon- Assistant Coach- San Antonio Spurs

To be a good coach I believe you have to deeply care for people and their welfare.  You have to have empathy at times and hold a stern line others.  You must guesstimate when it’s time to say enough is enough and when it is time to leave space for them to continue to make the same mistakes for learning purposes. The only way to do this is to do it yourself.  To hold yourself to high standards… fail miserably and find the blend of kindness and disgust with your own habits.  You must do this work so that you trust what you know.  So that you can go all in and see what happens without specific expectations and understand the outcomes.


With a new job, when you go, you shut up, you don’t try to prove to people how smart you are or that you have better ideas……….

Gregg Popovich-  Head Coach- San Antonio Spurs

I search all the time, search for new methods, old methods, any method that makes sense to me in training the body and mind.  I’m looking how to connect myself, my community and my fighters.  I go in and quietly learn, pay attention to my judgments and doubts because they are relevant to get me to understanding.  I go in assuming what I’m learning is everything I need to know then I go test it’s applicability in my world.  Going in with this belief that what I’m learning is everything I need, allows me to suspend judgment until the testing phase.  It allows me to utilize a greater amount of information so I can later pare it down to what really does and doesn’t work.

This approach has forced me to go in and be my best… trust what I am capable of doing.  It’s given me the right measures of confidence and reserve, directness and submission.  This approach allows me to create a setting for others to flourish and find their right balances.

Self-awareness is my life’s work and boxing is the heightened medium I test it in and show my results.



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