Another early morning

As I move through my life, I look for gaps in my identity and behavior.  Where am I not true to myself, where am I hypocritical?  Where am I resisting change?

This morning I got up at 4am, made coffee, took a cold shower, did some last touches on the food prep and then sat down and relaxed.   I had 30 minutes to just sit and think about my focus for the week.  It was a terrific morning.

I am continuing to address all the places laziness creeps into my daily activities… see where I take short cuts or just out right avoid.  I’m also adding an element of looking at how I don’t really own what I accomplish.  The little ways that I stay in my past rather than acknowledge exactly where I’m at.

Each week I enjoy pushing my knowledge of myself as it will help me to hold the space for others to discover themselves in the gym.  I’m able to put less of my own picture on others and meet them where they are at.  This work I hold myself accountable to also allows me to ask more of those around me.  I can comfortably handle more difficult interactions with a calmer demeanor or a more intense one if needed.

This work instills in me a deep confidence to embrace every situation before me.

I’m looking forward to another week in the gym watching everyone find themselves, increased boxing skill and a passion for living that surpasses all expectations.



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