The gym is a refuge for many.  A refuge for and from what?

Boxing is the representation of the rhythms in life.  It acts out episodes from our life outside the ropes and illuminates mysteries stuck in the mind.  Boxing forces us to be physical to face our deficiencies as a human.

Our training like the strictest of monasteries shows us that to deliver effective leveraged punches we must clean up the junk in the way.  The thoughts, the mechanical issues, the emotions, anything that blocks the path to the ultimate connection of fist to object must be eradicated.

It seems like just a fitness class but it is a catharsis freeing us from societal demands.  It is shared sweat, fist bumps and a lot of neurological challenges.  Boxing is a thinkers habit. Our rotations and steps and slides give us clues to know ourselves better.  We learn how and why we do things based upon a subtle thought.  We see how momentum gains from just a small push of the foot spiraling through our trunk and through the knuckles.

It seems like just sparring skills, but this harsh reality of the punch given and received jolts us into awareness and accountability.  The exchange between boxers is an authentic one that leaves a lasting impression.  You find yourself obsessing about what you are going to do differently the next time you meet.  You catch yourself playing moves in your head over and over again.

This gym is a refuge-  not the kind to get away from something-  The kind of refuge that plummets you into the depths of yourself and insists you stand up in the face of all discomfort so you may be balanced and effective.


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