It is morning just before dawn.  In the distance a plane, boat horn or car cruising by breaks the silence then it returns.  I hear each step my bare foot takes on the floor as I slink out of the bedroom and into the living room.  I want the dogs to stay still so I can enjoy these still moments as long as possible.

I think of myself as having an exemplary work ethic.  I’ve never shied away from long hours, hard labor or difficult tasks.  But recently I’ve taken a different approach.  I have been searching for all the places I am lazy. For all the ways I don’t have a strong worth ethic and it’s been a little mind blowing.

I’m not lazy because I need a break, or a vacation from my life.  I make nature, downtime and time off a part of my daily routine and not something to look forward to at a later date.  I enjoy the pace of my life when I work hard as it doesn’t feel like an impossible race.

I’m lazy because the next level of work ethic will push me to change… change my identity and that takes an immense amount of work.  The next level of work ethic will take a whole new level of accountability and I don’t want to do it.

As a business owner, though, if you want to keep having a business you have to.  You can’t stay 3 forever. I recommend looking into the supposed negative in life no matter if you own a business or you are an employee.  We are inherently lazy as humans.  We prefer to have our lives catered to us and that can lead to a whole lot of complacency which stunts growth and movement.  If you aren’t on the lookout for your habits of laziness, you will be in a rut before you can recognize it.

Living life with intent and intensity is far more fun than disappearing into routine and comfort. Being aware of what we aren’t doing and aren’t accomplishing is motivating.  You must have action to change your place.  You must change your environment (people, places, body mechanics) to have a chance at keeping changes going.

A fierce work ethic taking on identity, ego, choices, circumstances and outcomes has no room for laziness.



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