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Boxing has been the catalyst for my complete healing.  I came to the sport still not being accountable, not taking responsibility.  I came to the sport living in my past and crying in my soup about where I came from.  I look back at myself and feel a little irritated.  Irritated that it took me so long to wake up and see what I could accomplish if I just started telling different stories, started taking ownership of who and what I am.  Irritated that someone on the outside couldn’t talk to me out of love and kindness for the world….not their own selfish motivation.

Sparring and fighting took care of that for me.  I couldn’t come back to the corner and cry that someone was hitting me or keeping me down.  I had to during the round and during the rest consistently think of ways I could keep changing my outcome.  I had to be resourceful…..I had to make different  patterns happen or I wouldn’t experience anything  other than the usual.  I started applying this mentality to my daily life and exponentially I began to see a different future.

I am passionate about this gym demanding each person who walks through it’s doors do the same………the same is holding oneself accountable for the life they have.  If you get hit, what did you do to contribute to the punch landing?  Why are you in the same position over and over?  Why do you experience what you experience?  It is the responsibility of community to hold each self and each other accountable to authentic action.  We are here to help each other grow and to pull from the bottom so that we may all rise to each occasion.  Each dark spot in the other is our own.

If the fighter goes in there and doesn’t perform, they take on their part and I take on mine.  We are a collaboration and nothing without the other.

This community the same.  No boxers, no coaches……no coaches, no boxers.  We are intertwined at the gap and stay connected upon separation.


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