Sunday Morning Chores

Drinking coffee, once again alternating sitting on my couch staring into space out the window and completing household chores.  It’s a pretty sweet morning routine.

For around 12 years now, I have gotten up on the weekdays to teach the 6am fitness class.  I love this class.  It’s the time slot I cut my teeth on coaching a group.  I learned what it was to show up everyday to greet only 1-3 people and put them through a challenging combinations of drills to tap their cardio and tax their brain.  I learned what it was to feel exposed in a room, eyes on you to guide.  I couldn’t hide in large numbers or drown out the feeling with music.  It was them and it was me, engaging in our first activity of the day.

This class has the folks I’ve worked with the longest.  A few committed year after year to boxing for the learning and release they get in training.  It’s a class that feels like the perfect start to the gym day.  It sets  the tone of learning.  It puts me in the mindset I need to participate fully in the day ahead.

Before 6am, my downtime and prep time.  During 6am, a time to commit to the day, then after 6am, anything goes.  It is a day of living and experiencing people in all forms working on survival in a multitude of ways.  I am a witness, inside the gym, through the windows, on the street and the 6am class helps me to welcome the day with vigor.  The patterns of others merged with my own mixes into the ring and through the ropes.  It’s a good blend to inspire combinations.

I’m grateful for the regulars, for those that stop in occasionally and for the seasonal ones that prefer the sun and boxing greeting them versus the dark days of winter.  It’s a great crew to wake up to, it’s simply the #6amcrew.


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