In the flow

The flow- the zone-  whatever you call it is something that athletes view as the end all be all state to be in.  It seems to be elusive and something that happens versus something we create.

I want to be in the flow all the time.  To me that means that my body is connected and I am aware of the connections.  To be in the flow is to be able to see space (as in space between us and objects) more than we see the object.

To see space takes out identification and judgment and we are left with whatever “just is.”

The flow is in the moment while the chatter surrounds us moves in and out of us and guides us…. we don’t attach and get hung up on anything in particular.  We know where to move, we follow ourself around acting in the perfect moment.

The flow is picking a path and learning where it takes us, rather than second guessing.  It is cruising along and seeing what our decisions lead us into and then making more decisions to continue our movement.

We are space and time when we are in the flow.


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