I’m known for being a technical coach.  I focus on the mechanics and the bio-rhythms of punching and footwork.  I love each minute detail and the amount of focus it takes to change a habit.  I love perfecting each little mechanism of movement in practice.  I study Functional Patterns because it is a system of perfecting bio-mechanics.

I apply the same technical approach to self awareness because the more self aware, the more conscious choice we will exercise.  We will also add more legitimacy to our behaviors.

When it comes time to implement, I don’t think about technique anymore.  Whatever is wired in, is wired in.  Now it’s time to see what I maintain once the pressure arrives.  It’s time to put my intent to win and achieve into practice.  The stuff that comes out of my mouth in moments of intensity is amazing and rather laughable and I love it.  I want so badly for the performance to embody the boxer and my performance as a coach to embody me.

What after all is the point of getting hit in the head?  We best be getting more of ourself out of each experience if we are to risk all there is to risk when boxing.

Our polite society is damaging us…it is taking away our expression, it is ruining our communication and it is causing a backlash of utter stupidity in communication.  We no longer consistently say what we mean…….we no longer claim what we see or feel in order to not offend, worry or whatever else.

Boxing is not polite.  It is direct, honest, brutal, beautiful and passionate.  Boxing is to the point and courageous.  It defies boundaries and expectations and takes us to unforeseen places within ourselves as well as those who are observing.

When I say that I think I’m a minuscule piece of garbage in the world when it comes to being authentic, I don’t need others to convince me I’m not.  I don’t feel bad when I say a bold statement like that.  I feel motivated to change, to grow to leave the garbage behind. I don’t want complacency and I surely don’t want my hand held to feel better about myself.  I want the truth and I want new action as I learn all the ways I am failing to be a decent and effective human being.

I want my boxers to sit someone down on the mat…..then touch gloves being appreciative of the opportunity given to dig deep.  I want my boxers to dominate others in the ring, then touch gloves with respect for the other stepping in to do the same thing.

I want my boxers to grow into more efficient and contributing members in our community and I want them to give back as much as they have received.


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