Sunday Study

Reading this book Silence by Robert Sardello in connection to what I’m learning bio-mechanically via Functional Patterns, I am understanding the importance of the body being in a condition of efficiency.

In order to achieve silence in the body constantly we have to change the way we engage our bodies.  When I first started doing myofascial release, I experienced different types of calm.  My anxiety decreased and my head felt “clearer.”  Because I was administering the work myself, I tended to learn more and get more in touch with what my body was/is feeling and experiencing.  We are bombarded with thoughts and sensations and it is difficult to reach a silence that is completely felt.  We can sometimes find silence in our conceptual mind but not always physically embody it.  As I get a little bit of time to address my own inefficiencies via FP corrective exercises, I am experiencing the benefits mentally and emotionally.  I’m beginning to feel more stable, more certain.  I have a conviction in my confidence and I’ve found a voice I feel compelled to use.  I also witness the transformation in the folks I coach.  I see their entire being light up, experience feeling their muscles in a new way.  I’m excited about thinking about the body differently  than I have before.  This next week I’ll be at the Functional Patterns HBSII Clinic and am pretty excited to be humbled and overwhelmed.

I am impassioned about learning and pushing myself and others.  The coaches at the gym are impassioned about improving their teaching methods so all the gym members can benefit.  It’s exciting and contagious to watch people transform because of their hard work and our ability to hold the light out and walk along side.

I’m looking for more moments in daily living like the one I had as a rugby player described below.

I can remember it clearly today…..I was running across the rugby pitch to my left as this speedy, quick cutting center was careening toward me threatening to score. I was outside of myself and inside myself at the very same time.  She juked to the left then slashed to the right and crept between me and the side line.  She was moving as if it was a slow motion beach running scene.  I turned to my left and stretched my body and right arm out, fixated on her right shoe lace flapping on the side and her cleats stretching toward my face.  I grabbed over the top of her boot and pulled up dumping her belly down and out of bounds.  The entire time I saw each face on the sideline, the painted lines of the field….everything.  It was all happening in a way I could witness and experience in real time.

That clarity was intoxicating.  The vividness just plain exquisite.  To me it was a moment of sitting in Silence and it seems that the way back there is to reduce excessive cluttered feedback in my body mechanics and thoughts.



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  1. Linda medley says:

    There is no stagnation in our gym . I am aware of change and growth and excitement over learning new things . What a gift !

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