Looking for openings

A lot of times I hear, “I’m going to get in shape and then I’ll start coming into boxing classes.”  One interpretation of this statement is the person is very nervous to feel uncomfortable around a group of their peers.  They aren’t confident in their physicality status and the vulnerability it would take to be around others feels overwhelming.

I thought about this as I was watching Lomachenko vs. Walters from a few years ago.  Watching rounds 1, 2 and part of 3, Walters is establishing his jab and hitting Loma over the top of his own jab upon its return.  Toward the end of 3 and into 4 and 5, Walters is waiting for the perfect opportunity to arrive so he can strike.  This causes him to have fewer chances, makes him miss more and as a result he is getting hit cleaner more frequently.

There is never a right moment created for us, we create it.  We must be in motion, be active and opportunities appear in split seconds before us.  My rule is if I’m terrified of doing something, then I should probably just do it.  I have to take action and see what happens so I can continue to take more action.  It’s never failed me ever…….What has failed me is waiting.

Turn the sound off when you watch the Loma vs. Walters fight because they are very biased towards Loma.  You will see the good things Walters does early and the things he abandons that contribute to his demise.  (besides the fact that Loma is a tremendous tactician)

Being in the ring and trying to override the desire to shut down is an immense task, but a necessary skill to develop.  You must throw all logic to the side, sit in the emptiness of thought so the body can respond as it should and not as the mind logically projects.






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