Our lives are patterns…..patterns of thought, movement and behavior.

I’m on the fence about whether we change patterns, only get more aware or do both.

I was watching some old footage of Greg from when he boxed in Hawaii…..and was floored. I realized that he still did this certain type of pattern in which he moves backwards to the ropes and flings a looping left hook.  I saw it plain as day as if I was watching him box today.  His chest caves in, his shoulder hunch over, his head slides forward completing the “c” shape from tailbone to forehead.  His left hand drop and noodles around in a wide sweeping arc.

So irritating at first to think I had been making changes only to see they really hadn’t.  I mean, he is a way better boxer all around but this one pattern is so set in his neuro-musclar memory that it hasn’t really changed.

So, then the obsession starts.  How the hell do I help him get aware and use this pattern and/or get different patterns. What patterns in me do I need to be more aware of so that I can create some change to be possible?

Changes have to happen at a deep neuromuscular level or else no pattern of movement will change.  We subconsciously move the same way over and over and over.  Depending on our age, we could have millions of hours cemented in.  We have to have a drastic and demanding change on our nervous system to make different synapse occur-  especially for times of duress.

We need to essentially reprogram our body mechanics from the smallest cell to the biggest muscle group. This will not happen with traditional training.  To move different, you have to MOVE different.  To move different, you have to think different.  To move different, you have to train different.



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