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Along the “journey” – that’s what I like to call this game of life – I’ve learned so much, but more importantly, I learned to UNlearn. I’ve learned that nothing is what it seems and its all pretty simple, we’ve just been so used to making it difficult and we genuinely like that stress. When I say we like this stress, I mean we choose to be and feel this stress.


Coach Tricia used to always hit me with, “you just love to be frustrated don’t you?” *(replace frustrated for any other word or feeling, stress for example)* and I could never really understand what she was referring to. Not until we hit the topic of accountability and us being fully responsible on the lead up to this specific feeling. “What actions was I taking that lead me to today and now this feeling as a consequence.”


After that I stopped thinking of it as a consequence and thought of it as a result or something that I knew would be a possible outcome anyway. I lost the “victim” part of me and just started to own my space. I believe I became more genuine and more direct in anything I was working on or trying to accomplish. If you knew me, you know I go ALL IN in anything I set myself to do, just because I don’t believe in half-assing. If you don’t want to do something then just don’t do it. Before this realization I was not even close to living by this motto.

“If you don’t want to do something then just don’t do it.”

Ultimately accepting and wanting to take the leap on this identity shift allowed me to really walk the walk; not just talk it. It’s amazing how much we don’t trust our own capabilities and just go for it. Whatever it is, it’s scary, but it’s definitely worth it. Trust the process along the journey, but don’t half ass it and everything will be all right.


Omar Vergara
– The Boxing Connoisseur

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