Body and mind

When I was competing, I could not handle being alone without feeling very lonely and ultimately anxious.  I wanted nothing more than to make those feelings go away.  But the effort to make the feelings go away just created more anxiousness.

Since then I’ve been on a quest to understand this anxiousness.  Is it solvable through mental, emotional, and/or physical venues?

Without bodily health, there is no such thing as “mental health”

-Naudi Aguilar

Ive been an athlete my whole life.  Always straight from one sporting event to the next.  I had no idea about how my body worked and I never really questioned until after my competitive careers were over and I started overseeing others.

Without fail, each boxer would hit a plateau.  I thought it might just be mental and that if they could overcome their blockage that they could advance to the next physical level.  After all, they trained so hard.  While I think mental fortitude is important, I am seeing more and more that overcoming the major skill plateau is entirely related to physical clarity.

I think back to my physicality as a competitor and I felt empty inside-  I thought it was emotional…..It was like I couldn’t back up the power I felt I had.  And when I used any power I felt bad-  incomplete.  Again-  I thought this was all in the realm of psychological and I started to go down this path to uncover my abilities.  No true answers came.

I switched to focusing on self-awareness and getting to the truth of my intents, thoughts and ultimately actions.  This made a big difference in my certitude but still not my inner efficacy.  Self-awareness did not address the lack of connection I felt in my body.

I decided to do 3 months of no physical activity and focus on myo-fascial release (MFR).  As I followed the first 3 weeks of MFR my joints started to clear up and move more freely and I also noticed that my brain felt clearer.  It was freed up from the constant signaling of pain and got true time to rest, to think about other things.

When you have pain, you do not realize how much you are occupied in the discomfort… do not realize how much energy you put into coping with the hurt.  You also do not realize how inefficiency is utterly exhausting.  Once you get a moment without pain, that is when you understand what it’s like to be smooth, efficient and at ease- even I dare say, at peace.

I implement MFR and Functional Patterns exercises with my competitive boxers and this has contributed to a greater degree of confidence, physical efficiency, calm under fire and reduction of injury.  Once they feel how their torso links up to their legs and they feel the connection of the feet to their punch, that can not be taking away.

That is true calm, true power and the ability to sit in solitude without anxiousness.





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  1. Linda medley says:

    Wow..this is a powerful message . Makes me realize I have spent years on my emotional growth and health and very little attention to what is going on
    In my body . I’m excited for what I’m going to learn . I also appreciate the
    Reminder of how living with pain is such a distraction, and exhausting . Thank you for commiting to working with me through pain . I’m blown away once again that all of this is coming from boxing .

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