The silence of the fight

Stillness and silence are difficult places to exist.  In our commercial and instantaneous world, tons of distractions kick in to help us avoid facing ourselves.  We live in the noise and expect that we can escape later to the quiet of nature, the tub, a run, but we never try to quiet the noise in the midst of it…..unless you are a fighter.

FIGHTING!  It’s a single minded focus on silence– on the quiet of the mind melding into the action of the body.  You cannot look elsewhere-  there is no one but you and your foe and the ever looming space between you.

Often before the fight we try and clutter the potential space with ideas of “what if”….”what I might do”….”which punch I’m gonna throw when”….”how I’m going to respond”….and on and on.  The busy-ness is addicting……we think it drowns out the doubt when in actuality, the doubt and fear rise equally in noise with the clatter-  we’re just distracted.

If we can win the battle of silence vs. noise in the mind, we will no longer know whether we are moving from inside our out, we will just move.  Our torso will slip as the punch is thrown and the wisp of air will slide by our ear echoing as it continues putting them off balance.  Our feet go where they are supposed to seemingly independent of the plan.

The 3 minutes of fighting are the never-ending 10 count….reflection and present intertwined into a beautiful performance.  Where will power comes from somewhere unknown until we can break our opponent’s silence and raise our hands in ecstasy.

We are enveloped by the Silence when we are truly ourselves, stepping and sliding in a non conforming swoosh on the surface of the canvas…breathing steady in and out with each punch and return.

We are alone and not lonely in a bubble between ropes with the roar of the crowd and our corner faint in the distance.  A current of silence redirects the noise from permeating our perfect storm.



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