Compensations are the demise of athletes…..and for our regular daily life.

I got this pretty cool drill from @frankboxingcoach in Montreal, Quebec.

What I liked most about it was noticing all the compensations people did in the name of feeling more protected.  It really showed me how we think we are making ourselves safer when in actuality we are creating larger problems.  For instance in this drill, some people are totally squaring up.  Their instinct tells them that they are more protected and covered.  What they give up is mobility- options for movement.  They remove their leverage ability and muscle everything from the cover up position.  With their jab hand extended they don’t get to use the false sense of security that forward hand provides.

Because of the drill, I thought about all the places I do this same thing in my life.  Where do I institute protective behaviors in the name of not wanting to be hurt-  in not wanting to feel something?

It’s all backwards.  To not risk opening and getting hurt causes so many inefficient compensations that will have to someday be faced.  We are Sisyphus and our discomforts that we don’t take on are the rock.  I’d rather make the effort to face them today.  To do my best at being as uncomfortable as I can because I am anyway if I’m trying to cover up.

Think about it.  Folks who feel they have small legs wear sweats to cover up how they feel about them but does the feeling go away really?  I wear baggier clothes when I am feeling fat to cover up my torso, but does that really take away the feeling or hide my size or accentuate it?  Folks who are balding use their hair to hide the vanishing spots or wear hats all the time.  What are we really doing running from so much?

I am thankful for boxing, it smacks me in the face with reality through simple drills.  It lets me know when I’m the tire being sledgehammered and it’s time to cut bait then it lets me know when I really need to endure because a release is coming.


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