Disappointment in a flash

I’m not sure why our culture still deems it desirable to avoid disappointment, failure, sadness, conflict………etc…..etc…..etc……

In a 3 minute round a boxer could experience all of those things in milliseconds and still they continue to move on, counting on their puncher’s chance to turn things around.  Boxers aren’t necessarily brave because they get in the ring and face being punched.  They are brave because they risk exposure on a major stage.  They willingly engage in a 50/50 chance to fail.

Cowardice is sometimes necessary, because you just might not be ready to face something.  Cowardice helps us take measured approach at times, but in the end if you want to grow and change, bravery will be needed and and increased strength to handle exposure is a big part of that bravery.  Cowardice and discomfort must be simultaneously embraced.

I often think of all the places that I hide from myself…..I often question my intent and what it is I’m striving for.  Is it what I think or is there something lurking that needs to surface?  I often question my directness and what does it accomplish?  In the end, I am thankful for it…..my directness with myself and others leaves little room for question.  It enables me to accomplish things I didn’t think possible.  It brings me closer to myself and others.  We cut through the nonsense of hierarchy and become two people searching for truth.

I’ve plenty of cowardice and things I feel nervous or scared about…..but this I know to be a fact…..  If I am afraid, I must do it.  There is a calm in the eye of the storm of fear that brings about truth.  There is a calm in the eye of the storm of discomfort that brings about authenticity.

Hearing and saying difficult things are what boxers do with their fists.  Hearing and saying difficult things are what people should strive for…….there would be a lot more action and things accomplished if we embraced our sore spots.





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