In my life I have primarily experienced the paradigm of punishment and reward.  It is the most debilitating and difficult paradigm to see through.  All of our society is organized around it.  Do well, earn privileges, make mistakes and be punished, have to apologize, repent or whatever.  Have success and step to the front, fail and you are at the bottom.

I do not understand this to be a paradigm that works well for running business and pushing the envelope of potential and accomplishment.

If there is always fear of reprisal, how can you ever really let go and risk learning?  Now, that doesn’t mean you get to haphazardly do whatever you want and not take responsibility.  You don’t just risk, start a fire, shrug your shoulders and walk away…….

Punishment and reward make people’s motivation external.  You look for approval or the denial of it.  You don’t really have autonomy or control of your destiny.  It’s as if someone else has the ability to pull your strings and make you rise to the top or plummet.

My goal in leadership is to encourage curiosity, experimentation, learning, testing and examination.  I encourage it in myself and others.  But that takes a high level of holding oneself accountable internally.  It takes a critical eye and a tenacious mental discipline while in the process of exploration.  It takes the ability to ask oneself what indeed is my intent?  What is my motivation?  It takes the skill to be in motion while questioning, to be able to stick with the plan or adjust in a millisecond.

Personally I find this type of living life far more engaging, intense, difficult and rewarding compared to the traditional punishment/reward system.  It’s intoxicating to be around others practicing this way of life…. the things we achieve are shared for all versus the selfishness that comes from being motivated to please others.   The space we share is far more respected and everyone has a better chance of operating in a more skillful manner.

Come into Arcaro, get a little taste of what it takes to be direct with yourself and your learning process….to be honest with your reasons for each action you take….to learn and grow from the ground up.









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