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I’ve been away from Seattle, my dogs and the gym for over a week.  It feels like it’s been almost a month.

If I had it entirely my way, Greg would have the championship from Golden Gloves in his hand and he would have made it at least to the top 4 of the Western Qualifiers.  But, it is not my way.  We are on a path that I do not dictate and can only learn from as I go.

When you determine what you want, you don’t get to determine how you get it.  You must adjust and readjust constantly if you really want your end goal.  I am getting more and more comfortable with this fact.  I can see what this kid, Greg, is capable of and if he wants it like I do, I know he will get it.  He will be a champion and will be able to continue the changes he has already made in life.

Sport has allowed me to travel all over the world.  It has taught me about cultures and people that do things differently than me.  Sport has allowed me to understand how there are thousands of other people who work just as hard as I do and I am not special.  But I am connected.  I am connected to all the others putting their heart and soul into their chosen craft.  I am connected to nature in all parts of the planet.  Sport has shown me what I am capable of and what it takes to achieve dreams.  And now I can share and guide others to surpass my accomplishments.

After Greg’s loss, I made a training game plan and also a plan to enjoy New Mexico.  The food, the landscape and people.  We went to a magnificent and special place called Kasha-Katuwe National Monument.  I am in awe of our National Parks and astounded at all that has gone into preserving them.  I see how little I matter when I observe the masterpieces that volcanos and lava have created.  I see how tiny a speck I am when I stand a top a rock and can see for 1000’s of miles into vast lands of sand, rock, cactus and endless sky.


The best part of this whole trip was getting to spend isolated 1:1 time with Greg to show him how to cook, eat, breath, rest and train.  It was cool to see him realize that he could eat 3 X’s what he thought and still come in under weight.  I am so thankful for the nutritionists who took time to teach me when Jen was competing and who continue to give me advice.  This is a big shout out to Emily Edison and Stephanie Vuolo.  Because of them, I can guide my boxers in healthy and realistic weight cuts so they interrupt the starve/binge cycle.  I’m thankful to coach Jen for her steady view during competition and in training.  Her consistent and direct input from her experience that helps me to be better than I was before.  I’m grateful for my curiosity to learn and find methods that work to increase a boxer’s performance.  Because of this curiosity,  I was able to work with Greg on how to use the Wim Hof breathing method to relax his mind and start controlling his adrenaline response.  I’m beyond stoked at finding  Functional Patterns and learning the method so I can use their corrective exercises as well as their strength and conditioning principles.  Greg hadn’t been able to run due to some pain in his leg for a few weeks and after many sessions instituting Functional Patterns, finally today he ran for over 30 minutes pain free.  I’d never get a chance for such individualized and pin pointed all encompassing attention if it wasn’t for this week away.  Truly invaluable.

Lastly, I am grateful for a phenomenal pool of coaches that are passionate about being at Arcaro and passing their knowledge onto you.  They and you make the gym what it is and allow me to keep pushing the envelope of learning as well as pushing the realm of what’s possible in competition.


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