Little lessons

There is nothing like running a business to learn what a really terrible leader you are.  I was speaking to another entrepreneur about this realization.  Now, making a statement like that just might elicit outside comments like, “but coach, you are a good leader” or a whole slew of comments to discount my discovery that I indeed am a terrible leader.

I’m not interested in my strengths in this statement.  I am interested in where I am failing….where I am hypocritical, where am I letting myself and others down.  I don’t want to be told otherwise.  I understand what my good leadership qualities are-  I am interested in where they aren’t


Sin is the patterned way of being in which we remain living at the surface.-  Geroges Bernanos

I can revel in my leadership strengths or I can dive into the discomfort of how utterly pitiful my leadership is at times.  It feels awful at first to really face my shortcomings but then the sting wears off and I am left with an incredible interest…..followed by a barrage of questions…..How did I get here?  Why am I repeating the same pattern over and over and over?  Is this a small or larger improvement from previous patterns?  Is there anything I can keep doing the same or is this going to be a complete overhaul?  It’s through investigation of these questions that self-improvement will be possible.

That of course doesn’t take care of the present failing, but I really know no other way than through each situation and multiple let downs to get to a new pattern and position.  One must take self responsibility for one’s actions and effect on others.

At the same time, we are having failures, we are also having successes.  It’s important to not be so consumed with perfection that we forget what we are doing well in this very moment.  It’s challenging but essential to be able to focus on the now while the questions swirl in the background.  It’s how the answers will be revealed.

Today, I am in a state of both….looking at myself microscopically and seeing the larger picture.  I am in Vegas, we are fighting in a few hours and we are unbelievably prepared via physicality, emotion and mental focus.  I’ve no idea the outcome but I know the outcome we are capable of.

As I talk to the other coaches here, I really see that we all are very in depth people trying to pass on to others life skills via the sport of boxing.  We all have our ups and downs and we love to interact in the malleability of them.  This sport is real, it breeds real, honest, direct and thoughtful people and for that I am grateful to be surrounded by such quality whether it is at the gym or on the road.

Here’s to constantly living in the depths and as always-


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