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I like the dependability of routine and I like to break it.  Having a routine gives me options…..I can follow along in comfort, I can mix and match the way I do things and I can completely obliterate my pattern opting for more discomfort.  The common denominator is conscious choice.  With self awareness- I am powerful and efficient.  I have access to every tool I’ve picked up along the way.  I can make mistakes and learn, and I can make decisions that align everything perfectly.  No matter what when I am conscious and aware of my inner dialogue, my outer actions are authentic and have a greater impact.

My morning routine sets my mind and body up for the day.  It’s my only time alone- even the dogs still sleep and leave me be for the first 30 minutes I am up.  A day starts for me anywhere from 4am-4:30am depending how rested I feel.  The birds aren’t even out and the trees haven’t established their contrasted space from the sky.  I start cooking- a meditative routine that brings me peace.  I like the planning, the logistics and the attention to detail that I have to engage in to complete the meals before I take off for the gym.  I have 1 to 1 1/2 hours to create breakfast, lunch and some snacks- feed, water, relieve the dogs and get everything loaded up in the car.  The slight amount of pressure satisfies my competitive nature and taps into my old UPS supervisor days.

I like the mindfulness that I set my day up with……My goal is to have it carry forward throughout my whole day and then at the end of the day be able to assess my success or lack of……..Each day carries a purpose…..a feeling of mattering and contributing to the overall awareness in our society.

Self awareness is King/Queen.  I want it wholly in body, emotion and mind.  Everyday is a day to practice and achieve and boxing is the best medium for me to test.





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