Living in the ring

Boxing is so simple and of course complex at the same instant.

Boxing makes you face yourself as an entire system and forces you to own up to all your intent.

I’m 46 and still cranking on improving my communication, boundaries and understanding of  body mechanics.  Coaching boxing is where I showcase my results or lack thereof.  Owning a gym is where I showcase my boundaries and communication or lack thereof.  Many people have come and moved through my life for me to get here.  A few have stayed.  Some experiences have been unpleasant, and difficult but usually those are the most rewarding in hindsight.  I cannot forget the places my footprints have been or I will not continue to move.  I would not have my current skill without the practice.

Boxing is so simple.  When you punch someone, you take responsibility for your action and you take responsibility for the immediate reaction.  You can have a heated sparring session, storm out the door because you are upset, but the door doesn’t move and your sparring partners will be waiting for you just the same.  You are forced to face your feelings if you are to improve.  You have to come back and face yourself, or you can move on and be doomed to face the same situation in a different form.

In life, when you have a heated exchange, it seems easier to blame the other person rather than take your own responsibility.  This is why I like to think about  every interaction in terms of boxing.  It’s a little easier for me to take responsibility, for me to realize I’m not crazy in what I experienced and I own my reactions.  I do know when I’m being attacked, and pushed because I did something to encourage it.  I do see how I put myself in position to receive a certain punch.  I can also see how I maneuvered myself to exploit openings in another.  It is an exchange through and through.

In boxing it’s not about fault, it is about responsibility.  It is about being accountable for your thoughts, emotions and actions—-so clear and simple a process yet hard to do.




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