I feel like I am a very late bloomer.  I am definitely not cutting edge or ahead of my time. I’ve been stuck in archaic paradigms for a long time and as I’m getting deeper into my 40’s I feel as if I am finally waking up as an entire being.

I’ve referenced in many blogs that I realized my knowledge and coaching skill would be at a permanent plateau unless I engaged in some serious learning.  So, I started searching…….

School is not for me.  The institution of education is and was not be the place for my search to continue.  The confines of the classroom, the small percentage of teachers that have the means and the ability to reach all the levels of ability in the class.  The lack of autonomy teachers are given to rise up and use their talent.  The subject matter that seemed so irrelevant and so biased toward one way of thinking.  The un-yielding dogma of the institution. School just brought to surface my affinity for rebellion.  I felt angry, I acted out, I was bored.  I felt stupid and measured my intelligence according to the standards of our educational measurements.

Learning is important, and education is everything.  Education gives you opportunity and the ability to have vision…..the ability to question and grow.  Education allows you access to multiple perspectives, to change your mind. Some thrive in the educational institutions and others like me need other methods to gain knowledge.

I choose to read, watch movies, documentaries, You Tube Videos, find mentors, colleagues and collaborators.  I like to have conversations with folks who challenge me, whom I can debate and talk without there being hurt feelings and emotional immaturity when we do disagree.  When I find something of interest, I dive in 100%.  I go all out….because if you aren’t all in how will you truly know its efficacy?

I’m like this with people, objects, everything.  100% in until I find out how does this push me, and others around me to grow and open our minds.  If it/they don’t, then I look for the next thing/people/system.

So far in my life I’ve found a few things that I have unwavering belief in…….

  1.  Self-awareness and self accountability-  I go to extremes of taking responsibility.  Because I cannot control what other people do or say or how they behave….but I can absolutely understand my intent, my reasons for behavior and feelings.  I can take responsibility for my interpretation of experience.  I can take responsibility for my actions.  I can ask myself, would I respond the same way?  Why or why not?  I find this method of self discovery to be invigorating….to be essential for my growth and the growth of the gym.
  2. Discomfort training-  Discomfort happens on many levels and I am amazed at all my tactics to get out of it.  Every time I think I have a good level of handling discomfort, I am sat down on the mat and reminded that I’m a little pissant who has  much to learn.  Discomfort happens emotionally, physically and psychologically.  We experience pain when we try to withdraw from discomfort.  We experience pain when we don’t acknowledge when we aren’t quite ready to push further into discomfort.  I want to get better and better at sitting in discomfort, because it makes me a better listener.  I am able to see better and hear what is actually happening versus cluttering up the situation with my desire for escape.
  3. Functional Patterns training system-  This training system is based on the gait cycle.  It’s exercises for correction and growth are oriented around the human’s evolution to being bi-pedal and throwing.  For one, when I train in accordance to these training principles, I am very uncomfortable.  I realize how weak and out of wack my body is.  Secondly, I see the drastic affects it has on people’s bodies when I train them.  This system encourages learning rather than dependency.  When training in Functional Patterns, I discover the amount of work that it’s going to take to change my body, my thinking and my relationship to myself.  This training system combines my love of self-awareness and taking on discomfort.

I am also a proponent of questioning everything……….I question all three training systems above.  I go and research the topics from other perspectives.  How do I support and tear apart my beliefs simultaneously?  Being able to do both is the only way to more growth.

I believe that people come to Arcaro Boxing Gym to face themselves……to use a sport to learn more about who they truly are.  They use boxing and all it’s metaphors to get a greater understanding of self so they can use this knowledge outside of the gym.  I believe people come to Arcaro to exercise a different paradigm for living because it’s a place to express yourself, be held accountable, to grow, to grieve old habits sloughing off and to embrace new habits that contribute to the whole of humanity.












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