Reasons to box- hurt

You ask someone why they box and you will get a multitude of answers.

I think sometimes we box to understand hurt.  It’s not that you only have to experience a debilitating childhood to hurt……it’s a human thing to feel hurt, experience hurt and often times avoid it.

Training is diligent, repetitive, uncomfortable, emotional, physically exhausting and more.  It pushes us to face every single facet of our personalities.  It really makes us see the parts we don’t like all that much and the parts we thought we threw away and hid the key.  Training hurts.  You suffer!  Not the pain generating kind, but the discomfort, can’t get outta discomfort kind of suffering.

Getting hit doesn’t feel good….It’s not what we want to experience.  We are trying to minimize the impacts we receive.  But, hitting someone in the setting of the ring does feel good.  You realize in the connection that you do have affect.  You are able to create action and see the outcome of it instantly.  You realize that all of your suffering helped you to find a skill.  That embracing hurt and discomfort gives you a new efficacy….new skills to implement.

Boxing can be hard to explain.  It is the feeling you get from making steady improvements in your awareness, physicality and skill.  Boxing is the feeling when you have used every part of your body for 1 hour, including your mind.  You raise your arms at the end of a training session to take your gloves off and you experience heaviness and light floaty bliss all at once.

Boxing embraces the beauty of hurt, the ebb and flow of life and for 3 minutes at a time you are everything you are in one moment.


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