Change affects us on infinite levels.  It unsettles us to the core and makes us question our identity.

When I started the gym in Pratt Park, it was my first big change in a long time.  I had been at another gym for 10 years.  No walls, on a basketball court with one heavy bag that a friend gave me and a mix of brokenness-excitement-anticipation-unknown and complete terror.

I was an employee my whole life.  Subservient first to my parents, then to my employers.  My father’s lawn mowing business, Dairy Queen, nursing homes, tree trimmers, hospitals, UPS, and a whole host of other little gigs.  My whole identity was shaped around working so hard for others.  To not be, as my father would say, “a blight on society” and embarrass him.

The change of becoming a business owner was too much for my blue collar identity.  As one of my entrepreneur friends says about himself, “I’m just a janitor at heart.”

There are a lot of changes happening at Arcaro.  I’m teaching less fitness classes…….sometimes I walk in to a class and the people there don’t know who I am……they seem a little disappointed that who they are expecting isn’t there-  which I think is pretty cool….but strange to experience.  We have a second location with 3 classes a week.  I am working more one on one with gym members- getting more time with competitive boxers and coaches.  Just a lot of differences that feel good and challenging.

I’m respecting my blue collar roots because they got me here…..but I’m also to checking my work ethic paradigm….I ask myself a lot of questions…..Who am I now, what do I want, how can I continue to enjoy my life, my friends, family, dogs and be the owner of Arcaro?  What is the balance between hard work and what is the difference between laziness and relaxation?

Every time I have big changes, I question who I am and study how much I cling to how things were…..I can either be a victim to my circumstances and wish everything stayed as it was or I can be very uncomfortable and embrace all the new nuances that I discover about myself.

I see 2018-  our 5th year in business as a year of unparalleled discomfort-  And that is something I am frightened of in a motivating way but I know what I am capable because I have gotten in the ring under the lights, no head gear with world champions and I have survived and flourished………

If you haven’t boxed competitively, what is your metaphorical ring that gives you the courage to handle increased discomfort?














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