Being a coach is a fine balance between being accountable to oneself and holding others accountable.  I’ve referenced before how often others don’t see coaches as human beings with fallibility…..Coach/client-boxer-etc… relationships are a fine line of balance with complicated boundaries.

As a coach, you need to be vulnerable in leadership so others may also be vulnerable.  You need to be honest with yourself about your intentions when guiding others and you have to be accountable for your own judgements and feelings.  You need to be able to exercise compassion- still keep a feeling of separate all the while still connecting.


Boxing is an especially delicate balance.  You ask a boxer to trust you as they put themselves in harms way.  You ask them to trust you when you can see things from the outside that they are in the thick of……And you have to trust them when they push back because they see something from the outside that you are in the thick of.  You go into battle together, but they are the ones feeling the punches.  You are now a beacon and no longer the warrior.  They must know whether you are in agreement or not, that you will be consistent and there in all kinds of weather and you must know that they will be authentic and give you their all.

I choose coaching because it forces me to defy complacency and it gives me very little room for repeating errors if I want to be successful.  I run a business because it demands that I grow every single day or risk losing what I have created.


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