Clean Boxing

There are different kinds of “really wanting it.”

As a coach you will hear the phrase “I really want it” a lot.  It will come with a multitude of intents, such as, desperation, desire, burning intention and a host of others.

When you say you want something, it is important to ask what it is you truly want.   You may think at first glance that you want to be a champion, or a have a winning record, but underneath is where the truth lives when it comes to your truest intent.  It’s where the answers to being able to box “clean” sit.  You may want approval, disapproval, praise, or you just maybe need attention from authority figures.  You may want to prove others wrong….or prove that you matter……the list is endless of things that drive our decisions and intent.

When I think about boxing “clean”…..what I mean is when a boxer is able to box without emotional lapses in concentration… without moments where focus is deterred.  They are 100% dialed into their task at hand… best their opponent by having complete command over their own body and mind.

I believe to be a champion in and out of the ring, you have to get to know yourself in all your depths.  That you have to be able to study, observe yourself, and feel all at the same time.  To be a champion you must know your weaknesses and embrace them so they don’t control you when it’s time to perform……it is the day to day facing oneself and the decisions you make each moment.  It’s taking responsibility and continuing to move so you can have more chances to tighten up your sloppy.  It’s when the sloppy happens, you remember to remember  the lessons and promise yourself that you will use them to respond differently for future experiences.

In daily life, whenever I fail, I feel crappy for a few minutes and sometimes days, but I can sit and play over and over the scenarios that led to my outcome.  I can see how I am in charge of each decision….I can learn my intent to why I made each decision.  The experience becomes interesting to me….I want to take responsibility and doing this will lead to a greater competency in the future.  I know this work translates to the ring and I like seeing how my boxers evolve as they box cleaner and I coach cleaner.







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