Competitive season

Here we are again in January with Golden Gloves a week away.  Competitive teams ebb and flow at all gyms.  Sometimes we are stacked with eager competitors who are ring ready and other times we have a bunch of folks in the wings working diligently to get prepared.  We are at the bottom of the curve starting this year with 1 elite competitor, Greg, 1 pro, Kevin and about 10 folks who are anywhere from 3 months to 2 years away from being ring ready.

It’s a bittersweet pattern that happens.  The coaches are the constant the competitors are the variable.  Each one gives a little more to our own development and for that I am extremely grateful.  Sometimes I feel bad for those that came along earlier because I am so much better because of them and they don’t get the benefit of that progress.

I’ve been at this sport since 2002 and it seems shocking when I say I’ve put in 16 years.  It feels like I’m just now finding my legs and confidence.  I’m more certain than ever in my training program and what and who I am developing.  I’m more certain of my methods and the results I am capable of producing.

Our team ebbs and flows as does my learning curve, but it is that constant that I can depend on.


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