Boss Paradigm

We are born immediately immersed in power dynamics.  We learn about who has authority over us and what our place is in family and society.  We take those paradigms and our perceived positions into the work place.  Our bosses become opaque authority figures to be revered and disdained.  We feel stuck, welcome, appreciated, taken advantage of and a whole host of other things and blame it or credit those above us.  We treat our perceived authority figures as entities and not people.

As I’ve moved into the gym’s 5th year, and added coaches, I’ve thought long and hard about how I want the structure to be.  I’ve no desire to be a boss- to not be thought of as a person with failures and successes.  I don’t want to take care of people, rather provide opportunity.  I don’t want to tell people what or how to do it, I’d rather guide, observe, listen ask questions and lead by example.  I want the coaches to come to me with their motivation for creation, for them to have autonomy and initiative.  I want to respect their intelligence and their ability to teach themselves.  For them to feel ownership in our gym and community.

I am calling this the Leadership Paradigm.  A paradigm based on competency of skill.  In theory, I  should be the one with the highest competency in people and business skills.  I set the standard that I want the coaches to blow away as they grow…..and that will force me to grow exponentially in order to keep up.

I believe one of the reasons that business owners get stuck in their businesses is because they are bosses and use an authority of power vs the competency heirarchy.  They don’t set up a way for their employees to take over, to keep the integrity of the business and allow the business to change and grow with the times.  It’s scary to let go of control but if you don’t, it will always come down to only you.  You have to do the work to build the foundations that allow the business to keep the original vision you set and still be malleable to adjust to the unknown.

This gym is a thriving example of a Leadership Paradigm….it is a constant work in progress as are all of us coaches.  We take the sloppiness with the clean and make it all work so that our gym members can come in and express, push, grow, and be accountable.

#BoxOn! and Lead!!!!

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